Mission Statement

While providing a loving and caring environment within a Christian context, preschoolers will gain self-esteem and self-confidence through encouragement, praise, and positive reinforcement as they learn about themselves, their family and friends, and the world around them.

We are now registering for the 2024-2025 school year! Contact Becky Hendrickson at 815-623-6853 for information and a classroom tour.

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Message to Parents

Dear Parents,

      Welcome to Cross and Crown Preschool.  We feel very honored that you have chosen to enroll and entrust your child to us.  We look forward to meeting our new children and families and renewing old friendships.

   The day your child enters school is an important milestone for both your child and you.  Therefore, our school has been planning carefully to receive your child.  We want your child’s change from home to school to be a happy one—one in which your child feels safe and secure and a little more grown up, but not too grown up!  This handbook is written to give you a better understanding of our school and to explain our policies and educational philosophy.

   Our school is Christian-oriented, but not denominationally sectarian.  We stress those elements of the faith that are common to all Christians.  We want our school to serve families within our community supporting them and encouraging them in the education and nurturing of young children.  If you do not have a church home, we welcome your questions concerning Cross and Crown Lutheran Church and invite you to join us on Sundays.

 Our preschool program will provide, on a developmental level, opportunities for a variety of experiences through which children will be able to:

  • Know themselves as children of God
  • Know themselves as part of a group
  • Know themselves as persons of value and worth

Under the guidance of qualified teachers, our program is planned to give your child newer and broader opportunities for learning that may be enriched and enlarged upon as they one day enter kindergarten. Our facility complies with the standards of the Illinois Department of Public Health or the local health department. Our facility complies with the fire safety standards of the Illinois State Fire Marshal. Cross and Crown Preschool is overseen by Cross and Crown Lutheran Church which is a not-for-profit member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  It is in a school for young children such as this that children are given the foundations for a storehouse of understandings, concepts, skills, and attitudes necessary for future positive school experiences and learning at their respective ages.

At our school you will see:

  • Lots of learning centers because it is through play that children learn.
  • Materials with which to create.
  • Quiet discussions and concern for children’s growth with lots of loving.
  • Ideas and things to talk about relating to comparing with, matching, fitting into, trying out, reinforcing, inventing, discovering, and enjoying. We want to enable each child to utilize all five senses to perceive and learn from our world.

We’re going to have fun and enjoy learning those things appropriate for young children. We are excited to start the new year! Cross and Crown welcomes all of you,

 Becky Hendrickson, Director & Teacher

 Danielle Blatchford, Assistant Teacher

Daily Schedule*

Morning session: 9-11:30 a.m./Afternoon session: 12:30-3 p.m.



Free play, Assessments & Clean up  




Calendar, Story, Art



Learning Centers (puzzles, writing & language arts, sensory, building, math, science)



Music, Fingerplays and Discussions






Large Motor Movement and Dismissal

*In case of inclement weather, parents will be notified by text message of school closing. Whenever Ledgewood, Stone Creek, and Kinnikinnick Schools are closed, we are also.


Tuition is based on the actual cost of operating the school.  Fees for 2024-2025 are based on a non-profit budget:

3- and 5-year-olds   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday   $300 per month


Entrance Requirements:
A child must be 3 or 4 years old by September 1st and fully potty trained.

Registration Fee
A non-refundable registration fee of $175 is to be paid at the time the parent registers a child. Tuition is due the first full week of the month. Checks may be made payable to Cross and Crown Preschool and placed in the envelope on the bulletin board outside the classroom doors. 
Because we do not mail tuition notices to you, a written reminder will be placed on the entryway door. If you have a special financial need concerning payment or have any questions, please speak with the Director. 

Enrollment Forms
Before a child can be admitted to school, the Director must have:
1. Completed application with signed waivers.
2. Registration Fee of $175.00
3. All immunizations must be up to date.
4. Certified copy of child’s birth certificate (new students)

Please contact the church office for full details of our policies, including entrance requirements, arrival and dismissal times, and other details not specified here.

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