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Our council is elected by members of the congregation. We are here to serve you and this community. Feel free to contact our council members with questions about the ministries at Cross and Crown.

Cross & Crown Lutheran Church

Council Meeting December 16, 2019

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Pam Prescott at 6:30 PM


Pastor Megan, Pam Prescott, Dean Snowdon, Ellen Colletta, John Radtke, Angie Stone, Joe Chamberlain, Tyler Bauer.  Absent:  Laurel Wright, Rick Paus, Keith Irons, Amy Sorenson.

Opening Prayer

Pastor Megan opened the meeting with a prayer.

Youth and Family Director
Special presentation by Duke Sims on the lead candidate for the position: Catrina Erskine. The personnel committee recommended hiring her and the council voted to approve an offer of 15 to 16 hours per week at a rate of $15 to $17  per hour.

Rebuilt, Chapter 12 “Be Restorers”
Postponed review until next month.

Approval of the November Minutes
Approved as submitted.

Pastor’s Report
Preschool families walked in the Rockton Christmas parade, but no members of the church participated.
The Sunday School Christmas program was held on December 15 with 17 kids participating.
The Choir trip to New York was reported a success.
Pre-school enrollment is now 30 students. Fall conferences were held with positive reviews of children’s progress.
Christmas schedule: December 22 will be the Cantata at both services.  December 24 Christmas eve candlelight services will be held at 5:00 and 7:00 PM with special music at both. December 29 will have one service at 10:00 AM and feature lessons and carols.  A special community mailer to invite people to our Christmas services was distributed to over 6,000 homes.  A generous gift underwrote the mailing.
Funerals were held this past week for Maxine McQuaid and Mary Schmidt.

Finance Report
Synod has asked for a 5 % increase in mission support for 2020. Our preliminary budget exceeds that slightly.
The first draft of the 2020 budget was presented by Angie.
November report presented by Angie. The total of all funds had a negative cash flow of $2,394 for the month and negative $7,274 year to date.
End of year projection for income net expenses may be a shortfall of approximately $3,000.

Youth and Family Ministry
Pastor indicated that the offer to Catrina would be made this week.

Attendance at Sunday School has been steady. There will be a second “rally Sunday” in January to kick off the return to classes after the holiday break.

Breakfast planned between services on the Sunday of the Christmas Cantata.

Building & Grounds
Sign project: still getting an updated quote on crane rental to assemble the sign. The total estimate is between $25 and 30 K. Seasonal nature of installation would suggest that construction could start in April or May. A tentative target date of having the sign installation complete has been set for Easter.
Furnace rebate for $800 has been submitted and should be received soon.
The LED lighting retrofit project has been completed with new lamps and fixtures throughout the church and the building exterior.

Preliminary summary of pledge results: 31 pledges received. The preliminary total of general fund pledges and a projected repeat of previous years’ non-pledged income is $290 K so far.

Social Concerns
Carpenter’s place serving is coming up this week. Laundry Love is scheduled this month.

Council Highlights
Stewardship is pleased with the pledge responses and anticipates the remainder to complete budgeting.
Nominating Committee to meet to develop a slate of new council members.
An offer to Catrina Erskine has been authorized and we expect to hear the decision within a week.

Closing Prayer by Pastor Megan

Adjourned at 8:30 PM

Submitted by John Radtke

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